Idle Defense: Dark Forest was released for Android back in September 2019 and has since proven to be quite a popular title. As of the moment, it has recorded an impressive download count of over 700,000.  Thus, it comes as no surprise that the game is now set to make its way over to the iOS platform. According to the developer, Idle Defense: Dark Forest will be available on the App Store on the 9th of January – that is, next Thursday.

As we have mentioned in our previous coverage, Dark Forest is a hybrid between idle gameplay and tower defense. There are 10 different tower variants to choose from, each offering its distinct strengths and weaknesses. Some of these are capable of raining volleys of arrows on the enemies while others deliver a longer, slower death by inflicting foes with poison, gradually wearing them down instead.

Idle Defense Towers
Several types of towers to play with

Aside from turrets, you can also opt to summon various demonic entities to assist you in battles as well. And then there are the idle elements, which grants you tons of resources. Moreover, Idle Defense: Dark Forest has a feature where you can resurrect if you are defeated in combat at the cost of some of these resources, which means you are practically unbeatable as long as you have enough resources stocked up.

Idle Defense
Summon demonic creatures to assist you in battles

There’s a little bit of a story here to help you understand why you are doing what you do. The game begins when an experiment performed by a young wizard goes horribly wrong, burning down half of his school. The fire also destroys a magical seal to Hell, hence the evil creatures swarming all over the place and the need to put up towers to destroy them.

Idle Defense: Dark Forest is set to hit iOS next week on January 9th with pre-order available right now. Meanwhile, Android users can already get it on Google Play. This a free-to-play game with IAPs.