Coming from developer Iron Horse Games, Ninja Prime: Tap Quest is a retro-style idle hack-and-slash game in which you get to play as a ninja and have to hone your ninjutsu in order to save the entire galaxy from a terrible fate. The game is now available on Google Play and the App Store for free, and you can check out its trailer below:

The premise is pretty typical: The nefarious Space Shogun Empire has been ruthlessly pillaging planets all over the galaxy, and a lone ninja – that is, you – is the only one that stands in their way. Traveling across the vast emptiness of space, you will visit planets after planets to battle endless hordes of enemies and liberate them, one at a time.

That said, considering that this is still an idle game, you can be involved as much or as little as you want. Your character will automatically slice his way through the lines of enemies on his own, and you can tap on the screen to have him attack more frequently. After each battle, you’ll earn loot that can then be used to craft new gear, upgrade abilities, and even unlock new playable characters. The game also keeps gathering resources for you even when you are away too, which is nice.

Ninja Prime Tap Quest Gameplay
Battle endless hordes of enemies to obtain resources

The upgrade system in Ninja Prime: Tap Quest is pretty extensive, allowing you to power up your ninjas in all kinds of ways. You can increase their damage, defense, speed, and other stats by spending Energy Capsules, a resource you obtain by liberating planets.

Even with all the idle auto-play, though, you are advised to prepare yourself well before hopping on a planet, because if you want to fully free a planet, you’ll have to take down a boss, which can pose quite a bit of challenge.

Ninja Prime Boss
There are some pretty challenging bosses to overcome as well

If you are interested in some retro-style idle action, you can head over to Google Play or the App Store to pick up Ninja Prime: Tap Quest right now.