Have you ever dreamed about a world that gods will follow your commands? If this world existed, what would you do? You can find the answer in Idle Odyssey. In Idle Odyssey, you can make Thor, Anubis, Medusa obey your order and fight for you. That is very interesting, isn’t it? Let’s check more information from developer 37Games

The game's trailer
Idle Odyssey is a non-stop turn-based RPG game. In Idle Odyssey, you can choose a lot of heroes randomly to join your list to fight against evils. With more than 100 gods, definitely, you will have your own unique crew.

There are many ways to create a new hero like unlocking, fighting to level up or fuse them. Besides, you can also have more heroes by liking your friends’ rare and powerful heroes. Whatever you do, your chance to have mighty heroes to join the match is increasing day by day.

Idle Odyssey 3 690x380
Try to level up to unlock more heroes

If you feel bored playing alone, you can invite your friends to join a guild, which can be created by anyone. It’s time to fight with your friends, side by side.

In Idle Odyssey, everything happens in the match will be shown before your eyes. Therefore, you can watch your heroes’ moves, how they fight. However, remember to equip gear as well as strong and suitable armors and weapons for them to make the match more intense.

Idle Odyssey 2 690x385
A screenshot from the game

Besides getting a new hero, you can unlock more features like Wheel of Fortune, Tower to Heaven Challenge Dungeon, Grand Expedition, and Oracle when you are level up.

You will feel like all your free time is consumed when playing Idle Odyssey because of the never-ending missions, matches. Invite your friends now and conquer the world with your favorite gods.