Ink, Mountains, and Mystery from NetEase Games

Once in a while, we will see a very special and interesting game coming to the mobile market. Ink, Mountains, and Mystery looks to be the first one in 2019 to bring about that feeling. Hold yourself before the magnificent world of concept arts and traditional Chinese paintings!

Ink Mountains And Mystery A Game Of Beautiful Chin
The game features beautiful Chinese paintings

Ink, Mountains, and Mystery is a  NetEase Games indie game. Unlike its previous exciting fighting games like Rules of Survival, Identity V, or Onmyoji Arena, this time the famous developer will take you on an adventure to explore China through a peaceful and relaxing experience. with beautiful traditional painting art.

The beautiful art

In the game world of Ink, Mountains, and Mystery, you will have a chance to immerse in the breath-taking setting of ancient China. 

With 2 main mechanics of the game: click and mesmerizing points, you will explore, adventure and solve puzzles which are based on classic Chinese tales. You could even say that Ink, Mountains, and Mystery with its style of multi-layers art painting, belongs to the topmost beautiful games ever released on App Store.

Ink, Mountains, and Mystery represents the artistic conception and beauty of traditional Chinese landscape paintings, which especially highlight the colors blue and green.

The storyline

Inspired by ancient tales such as A Thousand Li of Rivers, Flowers in the Mirror, A Chinese Bestiary, the story of the game is as vibrant and lively as the arts. During the game, you will be literally through into the middle of the classical stories.

Ink Mountains And Mystery A Game Of Beautiful Chin
Doing quests inspired by ancient Chinese fairytales

Coming across Heavenly Creations and many stories, you will need to use your wit and utilize the items that you have to unveil the paintings' mysteries, solve the Ink Enigmas puzzles that are stopping us from seeing the true color of the paintings.

Ink, Mountains, and Mystery is now free for grab on App Store. Go and get the game to immerse yourself in this amazing world.