Interactive games are a pretty underrated genre that has been around for quite a long time. Amongst the developers who have ventured into this field, Telltale Games is probably a prominent name, having delivered the excellent The Walking Dead series. Over the years, many other studios have attempted to follow Telltales’ footsteps, but with mixed results. Just last year, Netflix introduced a thrilling experience via Bandersnatch, an interactive movie. There’s clearly a lot of room for growth still in this niche, and we are interested to see how the genre will evolve.

But that’d be looking too far down the line. For now, She Sees Red from developer Rhinotales is the latest addition to the genre, and it promises to deliver satisfying full-HD footage, professional writing, acting, and editing, as well as multiple narrative paths to explore. Check out its trailer below:

According to the official description of the game, the story begins when several people are getting murdered at a popular nightclub. A detective has been sent to investigate the case, looking through every clue to get to the root of things. But as you can expect from a thriller, nothing is as it first appears.

She Sees Red 4013_wm
Investigate several murders in a popular nightclub

The original language of the game is Russian, though English subtitles are available. Alternatively, you can also get the English dubbed version.

The touted features of She Sees Red include a captivating, non-linear narrative with 4 different endings to explore and many story elements to discover by making meaningful decisions along the way. Not only that, but everything is presented by professional actors, with excellent lighting, sound, and editing design.

She Sees Red 2 23de_wm
Different decisions will lead to different endings

She Sees Red is set to launch on both Android and iOS next week on the 4th of December. Additionally, it is already up on Steam right now at a price of $7.99 (Rs 570).