If you were able to watch The Game Awards last Thursday, it’s likely that you’ve seen many announcements on new upcoming games. Among which, there was a Stranger Things game coming, having BonusXP and Netflix as the developers. If you missed that, here’s the reveal trailer of Stranger Things Season 3 Game World Premier.

As a matter of fact, the trailer was quite clever and exciting. It also featured The Duffer Brothers, the series creators to appear on stage. They shared their lifelong passion for video games prior to actually showing up in the trailer themselves. For your information, they should launch the game approximately around the 3rd season of Stranger Things. The original game released in 2017 was an 8-bit while the upcoming one has its graphics upgrade to 16-bit.

The Duffer Brothers showed up and gave a speech about their new game incoming.

Additionally, the new one is said to be heading towards “all platforms". So, they mentioned “all platforms" right? The wording right there could potentially mean that Stranger Things the game can totally come to mobile devices. It is common knowledge that the original game came out just last year exclusively on mobile. And at the same time, BonusXP was also the developer. In fact, according to Variety, it is heading to mobile in addition to PC and consoles.

In an article, Variety state that there would be a somewhat ‘streamline’ version for mobile players to enjoy". We don’t know exactly what they meant by saying “streamline”, but what we do know is that cooperative multiplayer is there and that feature could be coming to mobiles too.

All in all, whether the “rumor” is true or not, Stranger Things the game was an extremely enjoyable one and people will still be hoping for a new one alongside the 3rd season that is coming in 2019, hopefully.

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Stranger Things The Game was an enjoyable one and people are looking forward for the next game.