Originally released in Japan back in 2015, the mobile RPG Dragon Quest of the Stars has proven itself to be quite a big hit in the country, attracting over 20 million downloads. Riding on that success, Square Enix has now decided to bring the game to the West. Expected to arrive early next year, this upcoming global version of the game will be available for both Android and iOS.

In Dragon Quest of the Stars, you will be able to create and customize your own character as well as 2 companions before embarking on an adventure across the galaxy and saving various planets from annihilation. So yeah, the stake is pretty high here.

Dragon Quest of the Stars Japanese Gameplay

Throughout your journey, you will encounter several monsters from various Dragon Quest games and must appropriately utilize the many abilities you have at your disposal to deal with them. To add another level of strategy, you'll also have to choose four items and a food item to equip to your characters before entering the battle.

Additionally, the game offers different multiplayer modes in case you want to enjoy the experience with your friends or just with some random strangers on the Internet. There’s also an emote system to help with the communication part as well.

Dragon Quest Of The Stars Characters
Create and customize your own character as wel as 2 companions

From what we know so far, the developer plans to run a closed beta for Dragon Quest of the Stars on Android from October 30th to November 11th. That said, we don’t know which regions this beta will be available in at the moment. You can check out the game’s official website for more information.

Dragon Quest Of The Stars Screenshots 1
Appropriately utilize skills to defeat enemies

As mentioned, Dragon Quest of the Stars will come out in early 2020 for both Android and iOS, though a specific release date has not been confirmed yet. No information about the monetization model is available either, but if the Japanese version is any indicator, it’ll be a free-to-play game with IAPs included.