If you want to keep the thumbs busy with a match-3 game, you now have one extra option in addition to the huge library of such titles that are already available on mobile. Jewels Magic Lamp is an easy-2-play and highly addictive match-3 puzzle with an Aladdin vibe to it. The development studio behind it is SuperBox coming from South Korea.

Here we have a trailer for the title:

A new great match-3

Jewels Magic Lamp Ios Android 4
The graphics style looks like something coming out of the Aladdin movie.

Jewels Magic Lamp offers a clear focus on the matching of precious stones, there are sapphires to emeralds and rubies. The developer has made sure to put a lot of effort on the graphics which helps differentiate this title from countless match-3 games on the market.

Jewels Magic Lamp Ios Android 2
Connect four of them; you will generate a blast which will help you to clear even more jewels.

During each of the over 1,000 levels, you must connect 3 or more precious stones (jewels) to gain points. Connect four of them and you will generate a blast which will help you to clear even more jewels. The blast is even more powerful if you can link 5. As you clear each stage, you will get access to the boosting items which will offer you various type of special effects. They will be of great help whenever you find yourself stuck on some tricky challenges.

No cool-down or energy

Unlike other free-2-play mobile games of this genre, in Jewels Magic Lamp, there is no cool-down or energy system. Therefore, you could enjoy it to the fullest. Moreover, the title works offline, making it ideal to kill some free time.

Jewels Magic Lamp Ios Android 1
The game works offline and there is no energy system

Jewels Magic Lamp is currently available for both Android and iOS and supports more than 16 languages. Fans of Bejewelled, Candy Crush, or any match-3 puzzle games will surely appreciate this newcomer for its fun and simple gameplay.