John Mills, the protagonist of newly released shooter game John on Fire, is indeed the brother of John Wick.

So what’s new in John on Fire? Obviously, you will play as John, who was an underground assassin but already in his retirement. In John on Fire, he is going to rescue his cat instead of avenging his dog, but you can see the pattern here.

Now they have a version for Android access, in beta. The environment becomes more diversified, with a lot more options for weapons. This level-up construction will definitely bring you more breathless feeling and of course, more sweating. The more powered up you are, the more eager you want to conquer the playground.

One kind of background in the game

The game begins with some tackle know-how. Initially, it’s about medical supplies, which is accessible and easy being found in the inventory. Then the instructor box mentions about movement, which mostly is running and shooting. The joysticks appear on the screen help control locomotion and orientation. It is so convenient that the joysticks will adjust themselves to anywhere the player touches. Long pressing will activate the currently equipped weapon.

The list of weapons may be the part that interests players. It has 6 major categories with a variety of types in each: Handguns, Machine Guns, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, and Sniper Rifles.

During the game, players have multiple options to respond to every communication. For the time being, the first episode of the first chapter is available in the game. The first situation happens right in the house of John. After that, players will be presented several modes of a mission to complete. The main story is simple: John has a cat, it is abducted, and now he needs to rescue it. Along the missions, there will be an anonymous man announcing John a signal or a track.

Recently there is some revealing of John’s taking on survival missions, with more immersive gangster actions, which raises more expectation from fans of the game.

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