2020 has seen a meteoric rise in the mobile gaming market, in both India and the world partly due to the covid pandemic. However, PUBG Mobile was banned due to the border conflict back in September... and has not been able to come back to the country ever since. However, there's another way for PUBG Mobile to get back to India... and that's to make a new game altogether.


In this article, we are going to list out the various plans that Krafton Inc., PUBG Mobile's parent company, has for the franchise going into 2021.

1 - About Krafton's plans

The company has been super successful this year - it gathered over 2.6 billion dollars in revenue from PUBG Mobile in 2020 alone. Currently, the value of the company is at a whopping 27.2 billion dollars - one of the biggest in the world.

The CEO of the company, Kim Chang-han, has just revealed that they would release another battle royale game in 2021 for mobile - it is going to be based on PUBG's world. According to trusted sources, the game is going to be PUBG Mobile 2.0, PUBG Mobile's sequel. The PC and Console versions are scheduled for a 2022 release.

Pubg Mobile Update

This is definitely a good plan, as the hype for PUBG has pretty much died down on the PC platform - a sequel might boost it up and put the game on top once again. Besides the two sequels, they also have plans for yet another PUBG based title for PC and console - it would be a survival horror game that occurs 30 years in the future of PUBG.

The company is also going to expand into animation, movies and comics as well. They are making an animated show for PUBG and are going to distribute it on various streaming services like YouTube. A WebToon (comic) is also in the works.

2 - Leaks from PlayerIGN

PlayerIGN, the most trusted leaker of PUBG also tweeted to confirm this.

Lastly, the newest map of PUBG, Karakin, would be released in PUBG Mobile on the January 22 update.

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