Langrisser the Mobile game has just announced the test date for their closed-beta. Starting from November 29th of 2018, ones who preregister for it should be able to play the RPG strategic game from their epic series. The original version of the series was first introduced in 1991. It was critically acclaimed as one of the giants in its genre, alongside Fire Emblem. However, people are still waiting for the link of preregistration, which isn’t available yet on their website.

Langrisser Mobile 2 1 690x388
A screenshot of the game

ZLONGAME is the publisher of the game. ZLONGAME is the new face in the popular online game development studio from Beijing. Its upcoming release will carry over lots of elements that the fans enjoyed in the previous entries of the series.

What to expect in Langrisser Mobile

Langrisser fans, both new and old, can experience the endless battles between light and shadow. Additionally, they can play along with other players around the world under real-time interaction.

Langrisser Mobile 1 696x392
A screenshot of the game, showing a battle happening.

Learn more about the storyline

As a matter of fact, Langrisser Mobile will include class suppression, distinctive class trees, and special terrains. In the game, players will follow a group of friends starring Matthew, Grenier, and Aimeeda. They will team up with each other in Langrisser and together take on challenges with the series’ classic heroes.

Langrissermobile Thumb
A screenshot of the game.

As you improve your characters and collect more and more equipment, you can change classes, improve your friend’s skills as well as abilities. Also, eventually, players will be able to unlock major battles from classic series to play with. Below is the first ever gameplay trailer of Langrisser Mobile.

Langrisser Mobile is currently available for players from Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Macau, and China. The official worldwide release will be in 2019. The game is expected to release for both iOS and Android users.