If you have stayed with Gurugamer since the start, you should know that Langrisser is one of the first games that we've covered in our early stages. It's the classic RPG series that started back in 1991 with its first title, showcasing not only its stunning visuals but also to highlight the power of Sega consoles.

And since the game has received a lot of love recently with its mobile release this year, the developer Chara-ani Corporation is planning to revamp its Langrisser 1 and 2 for PC and consoles. It's a very ambitious step from the developer since the story of all installments in the series relates tightly to each other.

Nevertheless, here's the trailer from Chara-ani Corporation that compares the visual quality of the two games with its original version, which you can have a look:

The story of Langrisser 1 and 2

Langrisser 1 - namely Warsong - is the start of the saga of the mighty sword that will gift its wielder ultimate power - the Langrisser. In the kingdom of Baldea, you'll following the two titular characters - Prince Ledin and Chris whose royal family has vowed to protect the sword through generations. Thanks to them, the sword has faded into shadow, and only a few remember about its existence.

Langrisser 1 And 2 Pc Consoles 2020 1
But those ones are not patient at all!

And the ones that desire the power of Langrisser most - the Dalsis Empire led by Kaiser Digos can't wait any longer. Pushed by its ambition to rule the world, they've launched an invasion toward Baldea, causing the whole Kingdom to fall under their power. Prince Ledin barely escaped this tragedy, and he'll have to fight his way to revenge his father and reclaim Langrisser.

Langrisser 1 And 2 Pc Consoles 2020 4
Prince Ledin will have to reclaim the sword back and revenge for his father

Langrisser 2 takes the settings of the world centuries after the previous title, as the continent is now tortured by continuous wars all over the land. The Kingdom of Baldea stills stands tall as a legend, no ones trust the legendary of Langrisser any more.

You'll step into the shoes of Elwin - a young adventurer wandering around the land with his mage pal Hein that he randomly met on his journey. One day, they decided to get through the night in an inn at Salrath - the home village of Hein. Fate has thrown them into a shocking incident, as a strong army of the Rayguard Empire is marching her for the pursuit of Liana - a random young lady living here.

Langrisser 1 And 2 Pc Consoles 2020 5
Elwin and Hein to wander around the land before getting into a sticky situation

Without any hesitation, the two immediately help Liana escape and run away from the army. Are there any reasons why such a huge Empire tries that hard to catch an innocent girl? You'll soon find out.

Gameplay features

This remake version of Langrisser 1 and 2 both keep the same core RPG mechanics of the original titles. To be more specific, they are tactical RPG games as described by the developer, which features characters with upgradeable equipment and scaling stats.

Langrisser 1 And 2 Pc Consoles 2020 2
Level up through a lot of fights

Its concept is quite straightforward - entering the turn-based battle against troops of enemies from every corner, and make plans for every specific step for the final victory.

Langrisser 1 And 2 Pc Consoles 2020 7
What will you do in this surrounded situation?

Its story is also the same as well but will be portrayed through gorgeous visuals that match today's standard. All the artworks, soundtrack and presentation will be revamped, making the games look much more mesmerizing, and you'll be able to explore the story of the two legendary sword - Langrisser and Alhazard in the way that you've never experienced before!

Langrisser 1 And 2 Pc Consoles 2020 3
The art of the game was remastered to become much cleaner and prettier

Release date and supported platforms

Langrisser 1 and 2 will come out for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on March 10, 2020, for NA. Other regions will receive these two games in one package at some days later, but will not be more than 10 days.

If you don't want to wait, feel free to have some vibes through the mobile version of Langrisser. Enjoy!