Recently, Zlongame has announced the release date of Langrisser Mobile. This mobile version will be available on both iOS and Android on the 22nd of this January. To pre-register, players can go to the Langrisser Mobile's official website at , the App Store, or Google Play Store.  Once pre-registering, players will receive an email when the game launches.

Pre-registration Rewards

Thanks to more than 322,000 pre-registered players, the preregistration promotion, currently, has offered new players Advanced EXP Potions x3, Trinity Vouchers x1, Gold x 10,000, and a random piece of SR equipment. Anyone who pre-registers will get a special gift upon the game launch. When sharing the link to their friends on Facebook, players can also get an extra in-game reward. In addition, if the total number of pre-registered players reach 500k, players’ infantry soldiers will receive an exclusive skin.

This company has just released a trailer for this mobile game prior to its launch. Click the link below for a full video.

For more information and screenshots, you can check the announcement post below.

Langrisser mobile will be officially launched on 22 January 2019! Check below for more details!

  1. Time:  22 January 2019
  2. Country: USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Holland, Greece, Czechia, Hungary, Sweden, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Slovak, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg
  3. Platform: iOS (App Store) & Android (Google Play)

* The game will be available in the above countries during the first stage of the launch. To Commanders outside of these countries - please hold on a little longer! Remember to stay tuned for the latest news and events on the fan page & official website.

Commanders! Is the excitement too much to bear? Let’s just try to wait as patiently as we can for a few days - preparing for the start of an adventure of this scale should not be taken lightly, after all.