NIS America has just released more information about the localization of the JRPG classic, Langrisser I & II. The two titles will be packed into a bundle and they would be made available on Steam, PS4, and Switch in March 2020.

Langrisser I And Ii Logo
You would get two games in one bundle

The remaster would revamp the visual aspect of the ‘90s classics, with a full redesign for the whole character cast. All the character arts were redrawn by Ryo Naga, Ar Tonelico’s artist/designer. The remastered version also features a re-recorded soundtrack plus fully voiced dialogues, and lastly, various small quality of life fixes so that the game is easier to play for the modern gamer.

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Army based combat in which your hero unit would play an important role

Langrisser is an excellent strategy RPG. In this game, you would control a big army consists of your generals and their supporting troops. Each general has its own unique skills and would buff the troops around them. Combine that with the class system and the various affinities like Cavalry beats Swordsmen, Pike beats Cavalry, and Swordsmen beats Pike… along with Archers, Fliers and Sea units, there is just so much depth that could be explored in this game.

Langrisser Demo 06
A giant battlefield contains a large number of units

The new trailer below would show you a comparison between the remake and the original game. There would be an option to switch between the remastered and classic art styles so that people who preferred the classic pixel sprites and artwork would be able to enjoy it. This remaster would bring the legendary series so that younger video game fans could experience it on a more modern approach.

Langrisser I & II will be launched on PC, Switch and PS4 on March 10. Interested in more video games related news? Please check out this post for the upcoming release of Detroit: Become Human.