Based on an announcement by Quantic Dream in March, their previously exclusive PS4 games would finally be ported to PC. The lineup includes Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, and Detroit: Become Human – they would be available as Epic Games Store exclusives. Each game in the list was announced on a separate occasion, with Heavy Rain in June, Beyond: Two Souls in July.

The settings of the game are in a near future in which androids are able to imitate human beings perfectly – however, their sole purpose is to serve. This, in turn, leads to various ethical and moral dilemmas about the androids and their state as a real being.  Players will spend time inside the game playing as three different advanced robots named Connor, Markus, and Kara. Their actions and decisions would change their own fate, along with that of the entire city and maybe even the world.

Android attacking the police

This game would rehash the usual themes related to robots, such as ownership, sentience, and the moral problems about AI replacing real human… but with a few new fresh twists. Quantic Dream’s own take about the topic is fresh and interesting – it will surely be able to capture players’ attention and provoke further thoughts. Gameplay-wise, Detroit Become Human is a traditional adventure, with puzzle-solving, exploration, and combat scattered all over the city of Detroit. Its reliance on Quick Time Event is a problem, however, as the player would have to concentrate constantly if they don’t want to replay the part over and over. The story of the game was pretty well designed, with various parts that you could follow, each with its own events and consequences.

Detroit Become Human Hands On Preview 828
Convincing a terrorist to release the hostage

Detroit: Become Human would be released on PC on the Epic Games Store on December 12. There would be a demo available before the release date. Interested in more articles related to video games? Please check out this post about the sequel to Path of Exile.