Path of Exile, the most popular action RPG in the world, just got its sequel announced. The developer, Grinding Gear Games, has revealed Path of Exile 2 during ExileCon, the company’s annual event. Below is the game’s first trailer.  

The main character of the game this time seems to be a criminal on the run, escaping from his own execution. Afterward, the top-down action view is back, with the trailer displaying the new adversaries in the game – looks like the usual dark and gritty atmosphere and environment of the series has not changed. The trailer then fades out and reveal a character moving next to a boat, which suggests that there would be new realms to explore in the sequel. 

Besides the announcement trailer, we can have a closer look at Path of Exile 2’s gameplay in another 14 minutes gameplay preview below.  

Further details about the campaign of POE 2 indicates that the game would contain a long storyline of seven acts, which would run in parallel with the original game’s campaign. The previous game’s single-player campaign would be incorporated into POE 2’s mechanics and the player can pick either of them while owning the only Path of Exile 2. The game would also feature all the extra contents that were added to the first game since its 2013 release. 

Path Of Exile Poe 2 Revealed 1366x768
There would be various new system of classes and abilities

About new game mechanics, Path of Exile 2 would be released with 19 more Ascendancy Classes, using the same archetypes as Exiles from the previous game but has different abilities. The previous skill system is replaced with a new mechanic called Skill Gem, which would retain some characteristics of the old system while ditching some undesirable hassles. 

There isn't any release date for Path of Exile 2 yet, but we can probably expect a beta by late 2020. Interested in further details about new video games? Please check out this post for the announcement of Grounded, Obsidian's newest project.