Most of the modern games we play today have some form of currency or another, Path of Exile is no exception. Most games use a standard currency like gold, but PoE is a little different as the in-game currency is also used to craft items, meaning the currency is unlikely to ever be replaced by an alternative currency. 

At the time of writing, there are over 20 currency orbs, which can quickly become confusing for new players. We've listed some of the widest used currency throughout the game to give you an understanding of what to expect when you encounter them.

Path Of Exile
Most of the modern games we play today have some form of currency or another, Path of Exile is no exception

Scroll of Wisdom

First up is the widest used currency throughout Path of Exile, mainly used to identify unique and rare items or magic. Scrolls of Wisdom are obtainable by selling vendors an Orb of Transmutation, selling Portal Scrolls, combining five Scroll Fragments, or from drops from monsters. You can obtain Scroll Fragments by selling vendors your white/normal items. Scrolls of Wisdom are regarded as high demand items as players that run special magic find builds will require them to identify the rare items they gain from bosses.

Scroll Of Wisdom

Portal Scroll

Next on our list of PoE Currencies, we have portal Scrolls, which allows for creating a portal between towns in the corresponding act. You can often convert Portal Scrolls into Scrolls of Wisdom via vendors allowing you to sell to players accordingly. There are also skill gem variations of portal scrolls, allowing a portal to open unlimited numbers of times minus the use of portal scrolls.

Portal Scroll

Armorer's Scrap

To improve the quality of an armor item, you will need Armorer's Scrap. With this currency, you can improve shields, chest armor, gloves, boots, or helm. Endgame items are where we'd usually see this currency used, although many players use it while traveling. Defensive, energy shield, or evasion statistics are improved with improving the quality of an armor piece.

Armorers Scrap

The following are the effects of adding armorer's scarp to a rarity-based armor piece:

  • Normal – 5% quality
  • Magic – 2% quality
  • Rare – 1% quality
  • Unique – 1% quality

Players also have the option to turn armorer's Scraps into Blacksmiths whetstones. You can do this by trading one whetstone with three scraps via specific vendors. You can collect them through trades with a vendor, selling an armor item with an overall 40% quality or via drops.

Gemcutter's Prism

A final currency from Grinding Gears F2P title is known as GCPs or Gemcutter's Prism if you're particular. The idea of these is to enhance a corrupted skill gem's overall quality. Damage, area of effect, duration, and more are improved when you add a quality to a skill gem. For every gem, you apply a Gemcutter's Prism to, you'll improve it by 1% in quality, which means getting a skill gem to 20 quality will require twenty Gemcutter's Prisms. 

Gemcutters Prism

It's not worth adding quality to any gems if its less than 15% quality already, as Gemcutter's prism is one of the pricier currencies. Gems with a 15% quality are purchased pretty cheaply from other PoE players and will only need a few GCPs to reach that 20%quality. Using this method will be much more cost-effective than taking a gem from 0 to 20 manually. Sell skill gems to a vendor with a combined 40% quality, finding them in drops, and selling a single skill gem with 20% quality to a vendor are the ways to obtain Gemcutter's prisms.

We hope our Path of exile currency guide has helped to understand some of the in-game currencies, but if you’ve got any questions let us know in the comments below.