Path of Exile is a highly-acclaimed action RPG that many people consider to be the “Diablo killer”. Launched way back in 2013, the game has developed a huge and dedicated player base and is currently still going strong with new updates regularly added. Now, it has been confirmed that the game will finally come to PlayStation 4 in March this year, giving players a chance to farm PoE Currency on Sony's console.

Path Of Exile Screenshot 01 Ps4 Us 23oct2018
Path of Exile is widely considered the "Diablo killer", coming to PS4 next month

This PS4 version was originally scheduled to come out last December following the release of Betrayal, the game’s latest expansion. However, it was abruptly delayed at the last minute.  In a recent interview, Chris Wilson, managing director of Path of Exile, provided an update on the upcoming release and explained why developer Grinding Gear Games decided to postpone it.

It seems that the reason the studio delayed the PS4 release was to give it a bit more time. According to Wilson, the port was in decent shape, but they felt like it could be better. As a result, the PS4 version will now be launching in March. There is no exact date announced yet. When it does come, though, this edition is going to have all the DLCs currently available in Path of Exile, including the upcoming Synthesis.

Path Of Exile Synthesis
The Synthesis DLC promises a new league and substantial changes

Wilson shared that they wanted to bring the game to consoles sooner, but at the time they were pretty limited in term of resources.  Speaking about the three-month delay from December to March, he said that releasing the game right then would have been fine, but there were still “certain areas… [the developers] weren’t happy with” and they “wanted to tighten it up.”

Besides talking about the launch of the PS4 edition, Wilson also provided several details about what players can expect from Synthesis, the next update to come to PoE. This update is going to feature an additional league, along with substantial adjustments to the magic and skill systems.