PUBG Mobile is one of the strongest titles in the battle royale mobile market. It has a huge player base of hundreds of million players from all around the world and is growing fast. Earlier, Kim Chang-han, the CEO of Krafton revealed that they will be releasing PUBG Mobile 2 this year and PUBG 2 in 2022, which is huge news for the community.

Pubg Mobile 2 2
PUBG Mobile is one of the strongest titles in the battle royale mobile market

This is really surprising as both PUBG and PUBG Mobile are doing quite well and creating new games might mess things up a lot unless they have some really big changes.

According to PlayerIGN, a long-time data miner/ Youtuber of the PUBG community, PUBG Mobile 2 might be released next week, possibly at the PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021. This game will be set in 2051 with futuristic graphics, style. The game will be available for both Android and iOS.

This is a new game based on the PUBG world view, and the background of the game is positioned in the future of 2051. There will be weapons and maps with future themes, and even drones and deployable bunkers. This game will be available on iOS and Android platforms, and PUBG is expected to officially announce it next week.

The piece of information above was translated from a Chinese post on Weibo so some meaning might have lost in the translation process. PUBG has been planning on having PUBG Mobile 2 since last year. The project was called Project XTRM at the time.

As PUBG Mobile is banned in India currently, PUBG Mobile 2 might be the way out for the title to get into the country again.

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