Chinese game developer NetEase Inc. has announced that Legend: Rising Empire, their real-time strategy game, is now available for free on Google Play. It is also coming to Apple’s App Store for iOS devices today.

Legend: Rising Empire is a combination of Civilisation and Clash of Clans. The game is set in the medieval fantasy world of Favilla. In this game, you start out as the leader of a small village. Through building and conquest, you will raise it into a mighty empire with the power to take over the entire world.

Legend: Rising Empire teaser

In Legend: Rising Empire, there are 40 different types of buildings for you to build your empire however you want. However, such a wide range of options means you also need to spend your resources wisely, as you cannot have them all. Furthermore, claiming more land means nothing if you don’t have the power to hold it and prevent other players from raiding it. In order to prosper, you need to find the perfect balance between military and economy.

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There are many buildings to choose from

Building an empire is not just about, well, building. You also need military prowess to dominate others. Legend: Rising Empire gives you various types of military units that you can control to clash with other players. There are catapults, knights, archers and even thieves that you can send behind enemy lines. It will take effective management to maximize the potential of each unit. Be careful, though, as one mistake can change the fate of your empire forever, and likely not for the better. As you set out to conquer other kingdoms, you will also need to protect your own city against attacks.

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A siege battle in the game

Of course, in this kill-or-be-killed world, it’s better to have an ally. Legend: Rising Empire has an alliance system that allows players on the same server to cooperate. Allies will not only provide you military support, but they will also be your important trade partner.

If you are not a fan of battles and conflicts, you can choose to take a peaceful approach that focuses on farming, mining and developing the economy in general, with the goal of bringing a happy life to your subjects.

Whatever path you follow, Legend: Rising Empire is a fulfilling strategic experience. It is currently available on Google Play Store and will be coming to the App Store soon.