Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile need no introduction to mobile gamers around the world. Both spearheading titles boast a massive player base worldwide as well as a thriving professional eSports scene. Today, we take these insanely popular games in a head-to-head comparison of their Battle Royale mode. Let's see what the differences are.

PUBG Mobile Vs. Free Fire Duel: The Battle Royale Mode

#1 Number of Players

The first key difference between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire is the number of players in each BR match. While PUBG Mobile allows up to 100 players to land on the map, Free Fire only supports a maximum of 50.
Pubg Vs Free Fire Gameplay
You Will Play Against More Opponents In PUBG Mobile

#2 Playstyle

PUBG Mobile features realistic gameplay with enticing graphics and real-life implementations in the Battle Royale mode. Reversely, Free Fire is more of a cartoonish game that brings the arcade-style.

#3 Support Features

Since PUBG Mobile is more on the realistic end of the spectrum, it does not incorporate any fictional features in its BR mode. On the other hand, Free Fire has all the power to do so. The game includes various items to support the players such as gloo walls, surfboards, then comes the character and pet system.
Pubg Vs Free Fire Characters
There Are Various Elements That Affect Free Fire Gameplay

#4 Character Abilities

Since there are no special characters in PUBG Mobile, it's out of this equation. Meanwhile, Free Fire boasts a large roster of playable characters and pets for gamers to choose from. They all have special abilities that impact the game in various ways.

#5 Match Duration

As PUBG Mobile tends to feature larger maps and more players, the playtime for its BR mode is for sure longer than Free Fire. A typical PUBG Mobile match often takes about 30 minutes, while the figure stays at 15 minutes for the opposing title.

Pubg Vs Free Fire Cover
Overall, The Two Titles Are Distinct