Free Fire has about fifty characters with fifty different abilities. Some of them are more expensive. Here are the five most expensive characters in this game. Let's check them out here.

#1. DJ Alok

The special ability called Drop The Beat of this character helps increase the movement speed of allies when they stay inside a circle around DJ Alok. This circle of his ability has a 5m aura. Moreover, his ability also helps him restore restores 5 HP for 5 to 10 seconds, based on his character level. This character costs you 599 diamonds in the in-game store.

Dj Alok Price
DJ Alok costs 599 diamonds.

#2. Chrono

This new character also costs you 599 diamonds. Chrono has a unique skill called Time-Turner that helps create a force field to protect him from the enemy's attacks. Moreover, this special ability also increase his speed by 15% and the movement speed of his teammates. Therefore, this special character worth that big amount of diamonds.

Chrono Character
The character Chrono also costs you 599 diamonds

#3. K (Captain Booyah)

Like DJ Alok and Chrono, the price of the character K is also 599 diamonds. This jiu-jitsu expert has a cool ability named Master of All. This unique ability helps increase the EP conversion rate of the teammates in a 6m aura. However, many Free Fire players are not willing to pay 599 diamonds to get this character because of the long cool-down time of this skill.

Character K
The price of the character K is also 599 diamonds.

#4. Jota

Jota is also a new character in this shooting game. He came to this battleground with a special skill called Sustained Raids. This skill helps increase his HP by 25 to 40 for each kill with shotgun or SMG. Therefore, he is one of the best characters for Clash Squad mode. That's why Free Fire players he worths 499 diamonds.

Jota Free Fire
Jota is one of the best characters for Clash Squad mode.

#5. Steffie

This new character has a special ability named Painted Refuge. Then, this cool girl can create graffiti that works pretty similarly to Chrono's skill. The graffiti will reduce the damage she takes from explosions and bullets. Therefore, both defensive and aggressive players are willing to pay 499 diamonds to get this character.