In India, if there is any game that can be compared to PUBG Mobile then it is Free Fire. Garena seems to have paid some attention to the country and realized the market potential of India so they are adding more and more content for Indian players. The game has been a really successful title in many regions thanks to the right marketing strategy. With the continuing support of the developer, the Free Fire community in Indian will have a chance to grow even bigger.

Lately, on the Free Fire India Official YouTube channel, they just released 3 funny videos to promote Free Fire. Let's check them out below.

Your friends are waiting for you but your phone is out of battery? That problem can be solved easily if you play Free Fire.

Having a low memory phone so you have to delete your precious pictures to install games? No more, Free Fire always try to keep the game files as small as possible.

Only has a little bit of in-between time at work? No worry, Free Fire matches are really fast, you only need 10 minutes.

In 2020, Free Fire also paid more attention to the competitive scene of Free Fire in India. They established the Free Fire India Championship 2020 tournament with a prize pool of Rs 35 lakh and the number of viewers that can compare to other famous titles on PC such as DOTA 2, or Overwatch.

The Free Fire India Championship 2020 League stage is underway now

The Free Fire India Championship 2020 is currently in League Stage. 24 teams from 4 groups will be playing the last week soon to see which 12 teams will be able to make it to the Finals on March 28, in Kolkata.

Due to the coronavirus, the format of the Free Fire India Championship 2020 is going to have some changes. The Finals will still happen as scheduled and teams will still attend the revenue to compete. However, the audiences won't be allowed to get inside for the safety of everyone. Fans can still keep track of the tournament through the live streams of the Finals on the Free Fire India Official YouTube channel and support their favorite team.