Free Fire fas a feature called the Luck Royale, where players can earn all sorts of rewards by spinning the wheels. Every alternative month, Garena refreshes the prize pools of exclusive items. They include gun skins, characters, fashion items, and bundles.

Lime Python Bundle 2
The Toxic-Lime Python Bundle is now in the Gold Royale

Garena has just released the OB25 update for Free Fire on Monday. With it comes a brand new and fascinating bundle in-game - the Toxic-Lime Python bundle. It's the grand prize in the Gold Royale among many other fashionable items and weapon skins. Let's check out all the details you need to know about the Lime Python bundle in Free Fire.

About the Lime Python Bundle in Free Fire

The Toxic-Lime Python bundle is available in the Gold Royale lucky draw. Players can obtain it spinning with Free Fire tokens. As usual, the Gold Royale is available for 60 days until its next refresh.

Lime Python Bundle 3
Check out the bundle

Hence, players have plenty of time to secure this exclusive bundle by spinning the wheel. The Toxic-Lime Python bundle consists of a top shirt, a half-bottom with tights and knee guards, a pair of sneakers, a mask, and headwear.

How to Obtain the Toxic-Lime Python Bundle?

Players can not purchase the bundle directly from the store. It's an exclusive item in the Gold Royale. Here's how to spin for it in the game:

  • #1 Open Free Fire
  • #2 Visit the Luck Royale tab and choose the Gold Royale on the left side of the screen
toxic lime python bundle
Toxic-Lime Python Bundle
  • #3 One spin costs 300 Free Fire coins, and 11 spins will set you back 3000 Free Fire coins.
  • #4 Choose your preferred spin option to obtain random prizes from the spin.

Along with this exclusive bundle, the Gold Royale also contains other limited weapon skins and various fashionable items like shirts, tops, bottoms, headwear, glasses, etc. You can acquire the following weapon skins from the spins:

  • Purple Parade
  • Bloody Mary
  • Digital Camouflage
  • Desert Hunter
  • Lifestream