Currently, there are 2 versions of the renowned MMORPG Lineage II on mobile. Lineage II: Revolution, which is in the same vein as the original MMO on PC. And there also is Lineage II: Dark Legacy, which set on the world of Lineage but takes a different path as a dungeon crawler.

Lineage II: Dark Legacy is a game from the original publisher of Lineage, NC Soft. In this game, you will have a party of 4 heroes to battle through the stages. As a mobile RPG, Dark Legacy featured card-based heroes in a gacha system. There are hundreds of characters available, with their own strengths and weakness, so the player will have to balance their own party if they want to clear the game's contents.

The control scheme of Lineage II: Dark Legacy is pretty much like all the action RPG on mobile, with on-screen buttons for attack and skills. There is a lot of content for the players, from dungeon crawling, to castle siege, raid bosses, and PvP.

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The loots reward will be used to upgrade your heroes, which makes them stronger in order to challenge the harder dungeon. Also, the game will feature a wide range of legendary mercenaries from Lineage lore, like Shillien Knight, Abyss Walker, Spellsinger, Tyrant, etc. They will become great assets to help players push through all the content.

The game is now available on Google Play. The iOS version will be released at a later date.