Lovecraft Quest is a special game that combines adventure, interactive puzzles with comics. It is based on stories by author Howard Phillips Lovecraft, who was regarded as a master of horror fiction.

The story of the game sees you stranded alone on a remote island in the middle of the sea after a shipwreck. The only way you see is a door carved into the mountain looks ancient. Behind the door is a staircase that looks ancient and full of unseen danger, and it leads to a place called “the Temple of Nameless Cults". That is hardly a welcoming sign, but you have no choice, so you follow it and find yourself in a labyrinth of underground tunnels full of traps and abhorrent beasts. The deeper you go in, the more terrible secrets of this cult you uncover. It built this temple at the dawn of mankind to worship the Old Gods. Inside this very structure lurk ancient, malevolent beings beyond your understanding: Dagon - the lord of the Deep Ones, Shoggoth - servant of the Ancients, and perhaps even Cthulhu himself. The choices you make will determine the fate of the main character.

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The Old Ones lurk in the darkness

In term of visuals, Lovecraft uses a hand-drawn art style which makes playing the game feel like you are reading a comic. It is clear that the game’s developers paid a lot of attention to the details. The result is a product that truly conveys the style of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories.

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Solve various puzzles

Of course, you won’t be just flipping from page to page like you would with a normal comic. You can actually interact with the game in a number of ways. You can choose which rooms to visit, and there are several puzzles and minigames that you need to overcome. Lovecraft Quest also features 5 different endings. Don’t get too excited, though, as most of them are the different ways that your character will die. Speaking of which, expect to die a lot in this game, as every wrong decision can spell your doom. Furthermore, the dungeons in Lovecraft Quest is procedurally regenerated, so every time you die, you will come back to a completely different level.

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Expect to die a lot in this game

If you are a fan of H.P. Lovecraft’s novels, this game will definitely interest you. You can get it right now from Google Play Store.