Last year give the gamer all over the world a little nice surprise, in the form of Mad World - a MMORPG created by Jandisoft. What is special about this title? It's a MMORPG, created from HTML5, and cross-platform between PC and Mobile. Due to the fact that Mad World is a HTML5 game, it's really light, and can be run on an internet browser. The only problem is that this game is still on development, so there are no concrete release date yet.

A Browser game about post-apocalypse world

The game's main concept is about a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by monsters. This is a familiar concept, but the artstyle of Mad World still give us a cool impression. Also, the in-development videos show us that there can be so many characters and objects on screen at once. That means the game can feature a grand-scale event like a boss raid with a lot of players. And of course, the fact that this game can be run on internet browser and cross-platform support makes it even better.

And just recently, Jandisoft release more videos about the game in development. Although, this time the game look likes it's near completion phase - which means the game can go to beta phase soon. Here are the videos, which showcase raids, boss fight, and PvP features:

Hard to believe all of the above video is from a browser game, right? According to Jandisoft, the release of Mad World is meant to be “the first game to take HTML5 to its full potential and lead it to the main stage of the gaming world". Also, they are hoping to release the full game sometimes in 2019, on Steam and all other platforms. That mean a beta test might be coming soon, and we will provide you with more information as soon as possible.