Fans of Marvel and DC have had lots of opposing views and of course, no one wants to become a loser. However, it can be undeniable that the Batman Arkham video games add a big plus point to the superhero genre. While Batman has brought lots of success to DC, the luck doesn’t seem to smile at Marvel.

Although there are some interesting Marvel superhero games, no one in such games is as attractive as Arkam. Obviously, Insomniac’s Spider-man must be an impressive beginning but which Marvel games can you expect in the upcoming time? Here is the answer!

Doctor Strange

Before the Marvel Doctor Strange movie was released, only a few got familiar with the Sorcerer Supreme. However, the filmmaker finally managed to bring Steve Ditko’s brainchild to wide screens thanks to advanced technology. But can you imagine what will happen if Doctor Strange appears in the gaming world?

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is well known for his ability to showing his magic and utilizing mystical artifacts such as Eye of Agamotto and Book of Vishanti. And therefore, the video game that gets inspired by this character may be best designed as an open-world role-playing game, just like Witcher III. The fact that Doctor Strange can travel amongst multiple worlds while facing risky villains must be a hot aspect for this game. It’s not surprising that Marvel fans are eager to play it in the upcoming time.

Doctor Strange Game

Rocket & Groot

These two characters have gained lots of interest since they first appeared in the Guardian of Galaxy movie and then joined many fights along with other superheroes on wide screens. Rocket & Groot is supposed to focus on the relationship between fast Rocket and naïve and sometimes powerful Groot. This game may become very funny and unique. Each character can utilize his own special ability to solve a series of difficult situations in this game.

Rocket And Groot

Of course, it is necessary to pay lots of attention while developing a game like Rocket & Groot because almost all of the dialogues will be controlled by Rocket while Groot just says a little with his familiar words: “I’m Groot”.

Rocket Groot

Moon Knight

Many still believe that the only difference between Moon Knight and Batman is just its name and these characters are the same. They are billionaires, have an inventory of advanced weapons and tools against criminals.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight - a character created by Charlie Huston - has three separating characteristics that always compete with each other in a bid to control his mind. The dark knight also has an obsession with Khonshu, an Indian god.

Marvel Moon Knight

The journey to discover the mindful instability of Moon Knight is obviously an exciting challenge any Marvel fans hope to experience.

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