There are a variety of mobile games available on the two largest app stores including Google Play Store and App Store. Both new and old games are categorized and censored thoroughly by developers according to their contents and the corresponding ages of gamers. However, some products, in spite of being labeled as mobile games for gamers beyond 12, are designed with sexy characters and intimate images so that they should be suitable for only gamers beyond 18 years old.

Here is the list of three mobile games as such!


Skullgirls must get too familiar with gamers across the world. Before available on the mobile platform, the PC version of this game was first released in 2012. In spite of being a simple 2D fighting game, Skullgirls has attracted a large number of gamers because its character system includes a series of sexy, seductive, and beautiful hot girls.


Skullgirls Fight

Skullgirls Parasoul

The most impressive thing that helps Skullgirls occupy a slot on the list of favorite mobile games of the gaming community comes from beauties with hourglass figures, big boobs, and stunning faces, instead of outstanding gameplay or eye-catching skill effects.

Goddess Kiss

Many gamers believe that Goddess Kiss is one of the hottest-ever action games for mobile devices because this game is covered by lots of hot girls. The mecha-girl-style game offers gamers an opportunity to collect sexy girls to form a team of powerful fighters.

Goddess Kiss

Goddess Kiss Mobile Games

Goddess Kiss Trailer

Of course, the design language and character creation in Goddess Kiss get inspired by Japanese animes. Along with many daring frames, it easily gains huge interest from gamers, especially those beyond 18 years old. However, this game is labeled as a product for gamers above 12.

Kritika: The White Knights

Kritika: The White Knights has been known as the most favorite mobile game of Gamevil. As a piece of evidence, the publisher released it to the whole world, instead of any other mobile games. It is based on the previous version for PCs that manages to gain lots of success in the gaming community.

Kritika The White Knights

Kritika The White Knights Dark

When being adapted into a mobile game, Kritika: The White Knights has kept maintaining its hack and slash action style, and of course, it will be a big shortcoming when not mentioning its character systems including a series of beautiful and sexy girls who make a contribution to the success of this mobile game.

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