Game developers tend to create mobile games in a bid to improve the interaction between smartphone users and that’s why a series of current games support the online mode or at least, help gamers to gossip about their content. However, it’s not true for all games because some mobile games should be played when gamers are alone, especially male gamers.

Destiny Child

Destiny Child is one of such mobile games. In fact, the gameplay of Destiny Child is not different from that of other games, especially collectible card games. This game mentions a journey of a demon king and his succubi team. Gamers can collect and enhance more than 300 unique characters, as well as build a strategic team to beat enemies.

Destiny Child Mobile Games

However, what forms the attraction of Destiny Child towards male gamers comes from its sexy and seductive characters. Although these characters are just virtual, gamers shouldn’t boast about such images in front of their parents or lovers.

Destiny Child

Boxing Angel

While Destiny Child is categorized into a collectible card game group with sexy female characters, Boxing Angel follows the fighting game genre. Gamers play the role of female boxers in attractive boxing matches and try to beat opponents in the shortest time. It doesn’t worth mentioning if these boxers don’t have such beautiful and hot figures. No one can think that the charming girls can be so powerful!

Boxing Angel Match

Boxing Angel

Boxing Angel brings lots of extreme excitement to gamers. If gamers are fed up with boxing matches between muscular male boxers, the appearance of the goddesses must be something completely different. However, gamers shouldn’t enjoy these boxing matches when their girlfriend or parents are present. Of course, if they want to taste a bitter ending, it’s another story.

Nancy’s Summer VR

If the two above mobile games have become common, Nancy’s Summer VR appears more unique and interesting because a virtual reality device is necessary to help gamers experience completely what this game brings. Nancy’s Summer VR is labeled for gamers beyond 18, and therefore, it is designed with daring graphics and gameplay, as well as the hottest female characters. The casual game version for PC was first released on Steam in lately 2016, and then it was also developed for both Android and iOS devices.


Nancys Summer Vr

In Nancy’s Summer VR, gamers play the role of a photographer who will go with his cutie girlfriend and visit many majestic landscapes from the beach, tourism areas, casinos, to parks. His mission is to take the best photos for his girlfriend. Don’t forget to bring happiness to her if you don’t want to be lovelorn.

While both Boxing Angel and Destiny Child can make you receive a few of reproof, Nancy’s Summer VR must be only played alone or you will get dumped in the real world.