GTA might not be the first open-world games but it is none other than GTA III, Rockstar Games which redefined how an open-world game should be. Being the most popular game in this genre, Rockstar Games plays a vital role in marking open-world games the leading genre in the gaming world these days. Stay tuned if you're searching for the best games like GTA for a 2GB RAM PC!

Gta Iii
There are many games similar to GTA that will give you a brand new experience when it comes to open-world games

However, more and more games like GTA have been launched and soaring into remarkable rivals of the classic game. Despite being as fun as GTA, all of them also have unique themes and features which make them distinguished from others in the same genre. If you’re looking for the best games like GTA especially when your PC only has a 2GB RAM, the below list is the thing you cannot skip. Check them out!

5. Just Cause 2

While most people find it’s weary for GTA for being too grounded and restrictive, many of its rivals decided to let loose everything and Just Cause 2 is not an exception.

When it comes to Just Cause 2, ‘Big explosion’ means ‘More Fun’ and this idea makes the game an outstanding one in the open-world genre. It unfold the endless fun which can keep you on-hooked for the entire day.

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4. Far Cry 3

Apart from giving the player the feel of freedom in the open world, this game rarely has a thing in common with Grand Theft Auto. Indeed, Far Cry 3 is all about gameplay-wise and mechanical.

If you are irritated by being restricted when it comes to approaching Story Missions in GTA, Far Cry 3 will allow you to walk it all through. With Far Cry 3, you have the permission to access the situation in any way you want and the result will leave you overwhelmed.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Far Cry 3 is one of the best games like GTA for a 2Gb RAM PC and a leading game in the genre.

3. Mafia II

Instead of trying to outdo GTA formula for an overwhelming open-world which is studded with activities and possibilities, Mafia II sticks with a straight and linear story which makes the game remarkable and impressive in its own way.

You will be amazed by the cinematic graphics which take inspiration from the classic gangster movies like Goodfellas. The game is one of the best games you can ever play with a vast personality and stunning characters.

Mafia II is the marvelous adventure that any fans of open-world games need to try at least once in time life.

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2. Saints Row: The Third

Before the release of Saints Row: The Third, the game received negative remarks for being a clone version of GTA. It was accused of copying the idea front of the iconic game without building its own original ideas.

However, the game took the gaming world by storm and casted a spell on every player for being an utmost bizarre and ridiculous game ever.

In addition to that, the game is also friendly and compatible to low-end PC so if you’re looking for the best games like GTA for a 2GB RAM PC, Saints Row: The Third is a genius option you cannot miss.

1. Sleeping Dogs

Among dozens of open-world action and adventure games released over the past years, Sleeping Dogs is the most underrated one as some people even said that it outdid GTA to some extent. Apart from including best features from GTA, the game also gives out the themes of the Yakuza franchise so fans of both GTA and Yakuza cannot miss out on this outstanding game.

Being one of the most remarkable game in the open-world genre, Sleeping Dogs also has a huge fan base who are devoted and loyal.

Sleeping dogs games like GTA
Sleeping dogs is said to be one of the most underrated best games like GTA over the past decade

Above is the top list of 5 best games like GTA for a 2GB RAM PC you should try. All of the listed games are highly recommended by most of the players and they will leave you disappointed.

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