Grand Theft Auto is a franchise that doesn’t need any further advertising. Every gamer on the face of the Earth must have heard about the title because it’s just that famous. No matter what background you come from, or what generation you were born in, there is always something in GTA that suits your taste. It’s hard to explain why the game is so appealing, but we’re certain that cars are a definite reason. Today, let’s go over one very small portion of the game’s vehicle offerings for you to acquire. This is our guide to the best lowrider in GTA 5

best lowrider in gta 5 ready cruise
Are you ready to cruise down the streets?

Considering that the franchise’s name - Grand Theft Auto, was built around the concept of stealing cars, vehicles have always been an integral part of the GTA experience. Here, real cars are re-imagined, adapted to become the virtual versions of themselves. Grand Theft Auto’s vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and basically every genre you can think of. From garbage pickups, common SUVs, to futuristic concept hypercar, it has them all. But, today we only look at the best lowrider in GTA 5 - the latest installment in the franchise. 

The Best Lowrider in GTA 5: What’s a Lowrider?

A lowrider is defined as a customized vehicle with a lowered body. These custom-made cars are often painted with colorful designs, rolling on whitewall tires. The concept of lowriders first appeared in the mid-to-late 1940s, in the city of Los Angeles, California, and remained quite subtle during the 1950s. It was in the 1990s that lowriders really became a dominant trend, associated with the West Coast hip-hop culture. And now, you get to relive the experience with the best lowrider in GTA 5

best lowrider in gta 5 muscle
Most of the lowriders are American Muscle cars

Lowriders fit right into the spirit of the Grand Theft Auto franchise: stylish, gang-related, and indeed classic. Seeing the love of the players towards this genre of rides, RockStar Games introduced the Lowriders content update on October 20, 2015. It added new vehicles as well as events to the realm of GTA V and GTA Online. Without further ado, let’s check them rides out!

The Best Lowrider in GTA 5:  The Vehicle List 

Out of all the options available in the game, it’s nearly impossible to pick out the best lowrider in GTA 5. Each has its unique look and features, so there shouldn’t be any comparisons here. Instead, we figure that giving you a list of rides to decide on your own proves to be a smarter move. With that being said, check out the list of the best lowriders in GTA 5 as follows. 

Albany Buccaneer Custom

Price: $390,000

best lowrider in gta 5 buccaneer
How low can you go with the Buccaneer Custom?

Kicking off our list of the best lowrider in GTA 5 is the Albany Buccaneer Custom. This two-door vehicle features the classic design of the 1963-1965 Buick Riviera, most noticeable in its body style and front fascia. The Buccaneer Custome remains pretty much identical in terms of shape as compared to its standard model. However, the options to custom-paint the frame and change the wheels definitely spice up the contour. With a price tag of $390,000, the sits perfectly in the affordable middle-range price point. 

Vapid Chino Custom 

Price: $180,000

Vapid Chino Customized best lowrider in gta 5

Coming in at just $180,000, the Vapid Chino Custom definitely earns itself a spot in our list of the best lowrider car in GTA 5. It retains the same bodywork as well as design compared to the standard version but adds a boost in acceleration and top speed. The Chino Custom is also accessible to a larger variety of modifications from the auto shop - giving you more windows to express your imagination. Let your creativity run wild!

Vapid Slamvan Custom

Price: $415,000 

Vapid Slamvan Custom best lowrider in gta 5
Who says a pick-up can't look mean?

Introduced as a part of the Lowriders: Custome Classic update, the Slamvan is one of the heaviest contenders for the “best lowrider car in GTA 5” title. This two-door pick-up classic offers tons of liveries and available modifications for you to choose from. Its base height is already low, but it can go even lower with the custom. The vehicle now sits literally centimeters away from the road, giving it a mean look. After you are done tuning the ride, the Slamvan will have everyone’s jaws dropped to the ground!


Price: $331,835 

best lowrider in gta 5 impaler
The Impaler combines the Ford Thunderbird and Chevrolet Impala

The Impaler is one of Rockstar Games’ takes on the classic American Muscle. It seems to be based on the 1955-1957 Ford Thunderbird, while its name resembles the Chevrolet Impala. Therefore, we can consider the Impaler as a combination of the two most iconic muscle cars in American history. This GTA vehicle can be customized to bring the look of a lowrider. The Impaler is definitely the best lowrider in GTA 5 Online when it comes to performance. It has a decent top speed, great handling feel, and good durability. 

Declasse Voodoo Custom

Price: $420,000

best lowrider in gta 5 voodoo
Wow the gang with your Voodoo Custom

It’s would be a total miss if we talk about the best lowrider in GTA 5 Online without mentioning the Voodoo Custom - one of the most popular rides. It’s essentially the same as the standard version in terms of design, but cleaner and more flexible. The car features an overall rusted bodywork, a nice touch to indicate its age in the world of American Muscle. You can lower the Voodoo until it nearly grinds the road - that’s what we really looking for in a lowrider. 

Dundreary Virgo Classic Custom

Price: $240,000

best lowrider in gta 5 virgo custom
Who's ready for some low riding?

Last but not least, we would love to recommend the Dundreary Virgo Classic Custom to all the fans of lowrider in GTA Online. The Virgo isn’t a strange name to those who played Grand Theft Auto IV, and now it has made its way into the brand-new realm. The chrome-plated frame and tires give the ride a classic touch, while players sit just inches above the ground. The Virgo Classic Custom brings its own game to races, with a great performance and a sturdy bodywork that can withstand rain of bullets. 

That concludes our list of the best lowrider in GTA 5. If you’re a fan of the American classics or just fancy a stylish look for your rides, then going “low and slow” is never a bad choice. It will bring you right back to the 1990s. Please note that the list above consists of worthy mentions from our perspective, feel free to share your favorite rides in the comment section down below. For more guides on Grand Theft Auto 5 as well as various other game titles, visit our website at