Epic Games Store has just offered GTA V free on their listings yesterday - which enable both offline and online gameplay. Rockstar released the fifth part of the famous franchise 6 years ago, and it was an immediate hit. The devs also constantly introduce new updates containing new game modes and rewards that keep the players coming back for more. And cars are always a major part of the attraction - whether they’re flashy recreation of real-life ones or the company’s own addition. 

best cars in GTA V 1
Cars are a major part of the GTA experience

Here’s a list of top 5 best and fastest cars in GTA you must try after claiming yours from Epic Games Store. 

best cars in GTA V customize
Customize your vehicles to suit your style

Grotti X80 Proto

The X80 was released 3 years ago in the Cunning Stunts DLC. The concept supercar cost a whopping $27,00,000, even with no customization added. The car looks like it comes from the future of a child’s wildest dream. X80 is insanely fast but performs slightly off around corners. It’s the perfect choice for “Form over Function” fans, with a speed that will send you flying on any straight routes. 

fastest cars in GTA Online Proto X80
The Grotti X80 Proto is the fastest on straight routes
best cars in GTA V X80 proto
The car combines the Ferrari F80 and the Devel Sixteen concepts


The Tezeract is another belongs to the futuristic genre. It was released with the SA Super Sports DLC and came with a silent yet powerful engine. 

Tezeract is the super electric car of the future
The Tezeract boasts an incredible acceleration speed

The Tezeract comes in at $28,25,000, slightly more expensive than the X80’s price tag. But, you do pay some new features and amazing customization. It allows you to dye the windshield completely black, and make changes to almost every detail on the car. 

Tezeract is the super electric car of the future 2
The matte black version of The Tezeract

This powerhouse runs on an electric engine, which gives it an incredibly high acceleration and top speed. However, the handle doesn’t feel that luxurious. 

best cars in GTA V Lamborghini Terzo Millennio
Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is the real-life model of the Tezeract


The Krieger is an in-game remodel of the real-life Mercedes AMG One. Thanks to that, the car features a sleek and modern design. It doesn’t offer many choices in terms of customization.

The Krieger is the GTA Online version of the Mercedes AMG One

However, the Krieger isn’t on this list for its look. The supercar is known for the combination of incredible speed and easy control. It’s reportedly faster the Vagner, S80RR, and the Deveste! On the flip side of the coin, the Krieger costs $28,75,000 - a hefty price when you consider how little you can customize the car.

01 Mercedes Benz Vehicles Mercedes Amg Project One
Now you can drive a Mercedes AMG One online!

Deveste Eight

The Deveste Eight (or Devastate) falls off a little bit when compared to the other fancy supercars on the list. It was the fastest car when released in the Arena War DLC with a great handling feel. However, it doesn’t have much when it comes to customization. 

Deveste Eight
The Deveste Eight is the cheapest car on the list

The car features a relatively reasonable price tag of $18,00,000. 

Deveste Eight best cars in GTA V Online
The Deveste Eight is based on the Devel Sixteen model


Last but not least, the famed Cyclone. It’s the perfect combination of price, customization, speed, and control feels. Coming in at $19,00,000, the car will leave you plenty of budget for any customization you want. 

The Cyclone features a Porsche-like look

There’s nothing over the top with the Cyclone. Its design is realistic and makes the players feeling grounded. Plus, it runs on electricity, so one more point for saving the environment. The car works smoothly at turns, corners, and excels in short races. 

Cyclone 2
Customization gives the Cyclone a muscular appearance

After claiming your GTA V and $10,00,000 from Epic Games Store, grind some more and buy yourself a Cyclone. It’s a perfect match for newbies, competent in all aspects. 

best cars in GTA V cyclone
The Cyclone draws inspiration from the Koenigsegg Agera