The Epic Games Store was counting down to give away some games for free at 11 am on May 14. One of the most noticeable games is Grand Theft Auto V that was revealed to set free via a Tweet. However, when the clock struck 11 am, the Epic Games Store immediately went down. It turned out that gamers refreshed its website at the same time to get the GTA V as soon as possible.

Get Gta V Free
Epic has given away the GTA V for free.

On Twitter, Epic admitted that its store was encountering some issues regarding the connection from 11.05 a.m till 12.58 p.m.

Epic Games

Before that, a tweet line had revealed that Grand Theft Auto V would be allowed to download free until May 21st.

Twitter Gta V

The huge amount of visits hasn’t just affected the Epic Games Store, but also its other services. According to the official Twitter account of Fortnite, the publisher is “investigating issues on PC and Mac”.

Grand Theft Auto V
It's a chance for gamers to experience the action-adventure game for free.

Epic’s status page also unveils that mobile game Battle Breakers has had similar issues.

Fortnite Status

Although the Epic Games Store has now returned, gamers will have to activate the two-factor authentication for their accounts to download GTA V for free. Here are the steps to enable the two-factor authentication given by Epic itself:

1. Access the Account page.

2. Choose the “Password & Security” tab.

3. Click to choose one of the 2FA options in the Two-Factor Authentication section including Enable SMS Authentication, Enable Email Authentication, or Enable Authenticator App.

In December 2018, Epic has provided dozens of games for free when its Games Store officially came to the public eye. And in January this year, this company said that it would keep giving away many other games for free until the year 2020 ends.