Mobile games have been rapidly evolving over the years with increasing popularity. Apart from the majority of mobile games that require internet connection, there are still many offline mobile games for you to enjoy. Check out our list of 10 best offline games for Android under 100MB. Unlike several best-known offline mobile games that take up a ton of storage space, these following game apps won’t be a concern to your storage.

1. Nova Legacy

Rating: 4.1/5
Downloads: 50+Millions
Apk Size: 45MB

Nova Featured Image
Nova is one of the best offline games for android under 100mb

This is one of the finest shooting games that are available on Google Play at the moment. Unlike other heavy games developed by Gameloft, Nova Legacy claim to offer high-quality shooting experience only in a compact 20MB version.

Features: Nova Legacy enables players to customize their Marines and watch the Death Cam Reply of the 3rd person. You can also upgrade your weapons and add multiple bonuses before carrying out your next mission. Apart from its spectacular Sci-fi graphics, Nova Legacy provides a wide range of options for gameplay modes.

2. Street racing 3D

Rating: 4/5
Download: 100+ Million
Apk size: 83MB

Screen 8
Best offline games for Android under 100mb: Street racing 3D in one of the best racing game you can get

If you are a big fan of racing games, this is probably your best option. Offering players with a professional racing theme, Street racing 3D integrates a diversity of settings for users to choose from. Go to Google play to download the game and you are ready to immerse yourself in a world of top-class sports cars, high speed, and drift in the asphalt!

Features: From street-themed Asphalt to more than 30 extreme cars, the game has a lot to offer that racers would surely find fascinating. Street racing 3D also allows players to invite their friends to the race. You can even update your turbo engines, switch to the high-speed mode, and experience different driving styles. This racing game under 100MB runs smoothly on all android mobile devices.

3. Traffic Rider

Rating: 4.5/5
Download: 100+ Million
Apk size: 48MB

Maxresdefault 1
Traffic rider is also a good option to go with if you're looking for best offline games for android under 100mb

This is another mobile game that you should really take into consideration if you are a big fan of racing games. If cars can’t retain that old-school fun that you are looking for, try racing behind the wheel of a motorbike instead. Traffic Rider focus on the simplicity of racing yet promises to be a rewarding experience.

Features: Besides providing a camera view from the 1st’s personal perspective, Traffic Rider has a total of 29 coolest motorbikes for players’ selections. The game also revolutionized the whole genre with its career mode that includes more than 70 missions.

4. Vegas Crime Simulator

Rating: 4.1/5
Download: 100+ Million
Apk size: 91MB

Maxresdefault 2
Vegas Crime Simulator is also popular among android users

Vegas Crime Simulator gives players the opportunity to dive into the brutal world of Gangster in Sin city. In the fight against the dangerous Vegas’s gangsters, your hero will have to go from the bottom to the top and pass various quests to gain respect and reputation.

Features: You can personalize your own character for various purposes. Depending on what task you want to complete, you can boost your character’s performance in strength and endurance. A wide range of options for vehicles and weapons are also available.

5. World Cricket Championship 2

Rating: 4.3/5
Downloads: 50+ Million
Apk Size: 69MB

Maxresdefault 3
world Cricket Championship 2 is the best offline games for android under 100mb cricket fans cannot miss

World Cricket Championship is no doubt the best offline game for android under 100mb for cricket fans. With World Cricket Championship 2, users are able to play the maximum number of cricket shots from the famous Dil-scoop, he Upper-Cut and to Helicopter shot.

Features: Both online and offline 1v1 or multiplayer is available, depending on your own preference. The game includes a wide range of batting animations and bowling actions. There are also a bunch of hot events and tournaments waiting for cricket lovers to join.

6. Ocean Is Home Survival World

Rating: 3.8/5
Download: 10+ Million
Apk size: 92MB

Maxresdefault 4
Ocean Is Home Survival World - best offline game under 100mb for android

Survival game lovers should definitely check this out. Living as a man who got on a deserted island, you will have to look for food, build your own accommodation with the ultimate purpose of staying alive.

Features: You have the full freedom to do whatever for surviving from exploring the huge island and constructing your own house. The game has an advanced system of player skills. There are also different kinds of transport available.

7. School Driving 3d

Rating: 4.4/5
Download: 10+ Million
Apk size: 53MB

Screen 0

This is the best game for those who want to learn driving skills and rules. This realistic simulator provides players with various options for cars and driving scenarios so that they can immerse themselves in the real driving world and showcase their skills.

Features: The game offers awesome graphics and in-game experience that closely mimics the real world. There are more than 40 levels updated every week for users to test their abilities.

8.Dead Target: Zombie

Rating: 4.5/5
Download: 50+ Million
Apk size: 91MB

Screen 4
Dead target: zombie ranks 8th position among best offline games under 100mb for android

The perfect blend of shooting and zombie game is here! The sci-fi game takes place in the future where World War III strikes and brings a new highly-infected virus that turns humans into zombies. Playing as a member of the special sniper team, you are in charge of saving mankind through a set of actions to shoot and kill zombies.

Features: Dead Target: Zombie offers fantastic graphics and gameplay experience. Players are able to upgrade their weapons and spinners to battle the zombie waves. Dead Target: Zombie promises to be one of the most addictive zombie games.

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9. Ninja Fighting Spree

Rating: 3.6/5
Download: 10+Million
Apk size: 85MB

Maxresdefault 5
Go to google play to get the best offline games for android under 100mb download

This is an amazing action game where players will take control of four ninja brothers. In order to fight back the villains to save the village, four characters have to complete different missions.

Features: Players are able to utilize various fighting techniques and weapons. The simulator provides a realistic fight experience with different scenarios.

10. Alto Adventure

Rating: 4.6/5
Download: 10+ Million
Apk size: 55MB

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Alto is accelerating more and more download and it's light for your low-end mobile

Top 10 offline games for Android under 100MB also goes with and adventure game Alto. Join Alto and his friend on an endless odyssey of snowboarding. On the journey across their native wilderness, you will have the chance to discover various fantastic views. If adventure games are your cup of tea, you should totally give Alto Adventure a shot.

Features: Despite offering an awesome visual, Alto Adventure runs smoothly on any android devices. Players are allowed to test their skills with more than 180 goals.

Above are the 10 best offline games for Android under 100 MB that you will definitely find yourself into them. If your favorite is yet to be on the list, let us know by leaving a comment on the comment box below.

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