The Indian Air Force (or IAF) has a surprise for anyone who dares to fly or have always been dreaming of becoming a fighter pilot. It is launching its very own mobile game with the aim to educate people about the air force and maybe recruiting some interested citizens on the way as well.

Indian Air Force2

The IAF has named the game as  Indian Air Force: A Cut Above.

Awesome mobile game

Indian Air Force: A Cut Above is going to be a mobile game with many features of augmented reality which allow the players to experience the real flying experience.

Moreover, anyone who finds themselves interested can actually apply for the IAF right through the game. This is really an interesting way to recruit new pilots. The game packs a single player option where you can do your missions offline, as well as a multiplayer online option together with a section for career chances.

Single player

Indian Air Foce

In the game there are 10 missions for single player, to complete these missions you could choose from a varied collection of IAF aircraft. During these missions, your response, flexibility, precision, and reach will be put to the test.

When you play through the missions there will be also an engaging narrative informs you about the weapons and tactics of the IAF together with its future strategies.

And of course, there will also be a tutorial to teach you how to play.


Mobile Game Of Indian Air Force Is Aspiring Fighte
Filght with team

You will have two gameplay options to choose from in the multiplayer mode of Indian Air Force: A Cut Above

One is the traditional last man standing and the other is team vs team.

And the most fun this about this multiplayer is that you could actually use the long-range missile to attack your opponents.

When will we get it?

While the game sounds very promising and it must excite many fighter pilot wannabes, the game will launch in phases. They will probably launch the single-player in February and then the multi-player will come after, probably somewhere around June. From now the game is open for pre-register.