Most of us probably dreamt of becoming a ninja at some point during our childhood (and some might still do). Game developer Dragonslash wants to fulfill this dream with its new skill-based game Reign of the Ninja. Being a ninja is more than just wearing a black mask and throwing shurikens at stuff, however. It entails years and years of intense training, and Reign of the Ninja aims to demonstrate just that.

Reign of the Ninja Game Trailer

The life of a ninja is a tough one: You wake up, you do some training, have breakfast, then more training, have lunch, then even more training…, all for the sole purpose of becoming the best ninja that ever walked the Earth. Of course, besides all that training, you will also participate in competitions (again, to become the best).

Reign of the Ninja takes place in feudal Japan. The Emperor, Hiroshi Ota, decides to host a ninja tournament to celebrate his 60th birthday. For this, he ordered the leaders of the seven villages in his province to choose the best ninja from the children between 11 and 16 years old in their respective village to participate in the tournament. Each contender will represent their village and compete to become the champion and win the prize of 100,000 gold coins.

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There are 7 characters to play as

The player will pick one of these 7 heroes to play as. Each hero specializes in one particular field, with their own weapons and special moves. Of course, that results in the heroes having different strengths and weaknesses. The game has 10 missions, which involve several minigames. A jury will evaluate your performance and give you a score based on how well you did.

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Compete in several minigames

The seven characters have their own reasons for trying to win the tournament, and so Reign of the Ninja has seven endings. You can replay the game again and again as different characters to unlock them all. Furthermore, the game features a multiplayer mode as well, in which you can compete with a friend to see who is better at using the weapon of their choosing.

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You will be evaluated and given scores

If you are a fan of ninjas and like showing off your skills, you should definitely give Reign of the Ninja a try. It is currently available on Google Play and App Store.