Released in October 2017, the mobile strategy game titled Game of Thrones: Conquest by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) and HBO has enjoyed great success. For over 25 weeks it has remained among the top 50 iOS app on the App Store. In the US, it is currently the number 1 strategy game that is free-to-play. Furthermore, WBIE president David Haddad also stated that this game played no small part in helping the company transition to the mobile gaming industry.

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Game Of Thrones: Conquest is an interesting mobile strategy game

Now, with Game of Thrones: Conquest turning 1 year old, WBIE has brought dragons to the game. This new addition is expected to bring a new feature to the strategic gameplay. These creatures make it easier for you to attack cities of your enemy, however, they can also use their own dragons to do the same to you. According to Dave Biscelgia, a representative of Warner Bros., the marketing team of the company has shown shadows of dragons flying over different locations of the world as a teaser. Bisceglia thinks this is “the most exciting thing since launch”. Dragons in this game are like the ultimate weapons. They interact with every key component of this game.

Shadows of dragons flying over various locations of the world

Every player will receive a dragon egg when they reach a certain progress in the game. At that point, the mountain next to their Keep will open, revealing a Dragon Pit. The player has to feed wood and timber to the pit in order to hatch the egg. Once the dragon hatches, it needs to consume fish and other livestock to grow, from a hatchling to a whelp and then an adolescent. Another patch will likely come out later this year which will allow the dragons to grow into full adulthood.

Moreover, this update brings a new talent system for the dragons. With this, players can unlock skills to enhance their dragons’ combat power, defense, or mobility. In addition to that, new options have been added to the game’s existing research system. These options allow players to customize their dragons to fit their playstyle and strategy.

Game of Thrones: Conquest Dragon Trailer

Every fan of the Game of Thrones TV show or novels knows how influential the dragons are in Westeros. With this addition, Warner Bros. says it wants to replicate that influence into Game of Thrones: Conquest. Furthermore, Biscelgia says that they will also work in close collaboration with HBO to keep updating the game when the last season of the Game of Thrones TV show goes on air, probably within the first 6 months of 2019.

Tom Casey, vice president of WB Games Boston, reveals that they plan on working on this game for many more years. He says that this is “a really interesting time for mobile”, with many genres of games and different types of players.