Battle Royale genre has been the hottest gaming trend amongst consoles and PC games in 2018.  However, the genre has also been increasing its popularity on mobile devices such as Android or iOS smartphones as well, due to Fortnite and PUBG already making their debut on mobile devices. The fact that the two games are undisputed kings amongst the Battle Royal genre does not stop others from producing the same genre: a new game, titled MekaRoyal Online, will emerge this month on both Android and iOS platform.

Unlike the third person or first-person shooter view most often seen in other battle royale games, MekaRoyal Online brings a unique angle to the genre, which is a top-down perspective. Moreover, the game also features mechs – giant robots or machines controlled by the players, which can be modified in multiple ways by in-game credits.

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MekaRoyale Online features top-down perspective and mechs

Similar to other Battle Royale Games, MekaRoyale Online’s main mode will be multiplayer, in which players face off with each other, loot weapon scattered around the map and eliminate one and another until only one of the players remains standing. Players can earn credits by eliminating others in multiplayer mode. These credits can then be used to customize and upgrade their mechs in a way that suits them. If you get eliminated by other players, you lose every loot and upgrade, same as other Battle Royale Games.

Additionally, unlike the titans PUBG and Fornite, MekaRoyale will also feature a single player mode which you can use to get familiar with the mechanics of the game.  You can even get credits in this mode as well, albeit at a slower pace.

Customize your mechs with in-game credits

The game will be released this month on Android and iOS platform in multiple regions across the world. Pre-order is available at the moment. You can pre-order the game in order to enjoy it as soon as it is released.