Monsters With Attitude is an upcoming action PvP IO game from Flaregames and Keen Flare. In this game, players can compete against up to 7 others in a battle for dominance.

If you have a hidden desire of wrecking everything that stands in your way on a … large scale, Monsters With Attitude is here to satisfy you. The entire planet is your arena, so you can destroy practically anything: Forests, cities, mountains… you name it.

Monsters With Attitude 2
Battle across the entire planet as giant monsters

In order for your monsters to grow up and get stronger, you need to feed them energy by battling through cities and forests (and razing a couple of buildings here and there to the ground in the process). This concept is pretty similar to some of the .io games such as and, so if you’ve played them before, you should feel right at home in Monsters with Attitude.

There are a variety of monsters for you to choose from, each with its own perks and unique features and all can be upgraded and. Thus, understanding their abilities will be crucial if you want to achieve victory. Making good use of what your monster has to offer will undoubtedly give you a huge advantage over your opponents.

Furthermore, you will be able to unlock new worlds and new monsters as you progress, so don’t forget to do your homework and learn the monsters’ unique traits and the planets’ powerful spots.

Monsters With Attitude 3
You can wreck basically everything

Monsters With Attitude has several game modes, from 1-on-1 duels to chaotic brawls, so whatever your preference is, there is something for you to enjoy. Find a style that you like and become the best at it!

Monsters With Attitude is scheduled to come out on March 28 on both Android and iOS. Pre-registration for the game is already live right now, so if you are interested, check it out on the App Store or Google Play!