For those who don’t know, Mordheim: Warband Skirmish is an action-RPG game released by developer Legendary Games in 2017 as an attempt to bring the table-top combat of Mordheim to mobile. Set in the Warhammer universe, the game revolves around street-level conflicts between mercenary bands. Since launch, it has constantly been updated with new content and was also ported to Nintendo Switch in 2018 as well.

Mordheim: Warband Skirmish - Sisters of Sigmar Trailer

Players can now look forward to seeing a brand new playable faction: the Sisters of Sigmar, another band taken directly from Warhammer lore. This strange group once resided in a convent in the center of Mordheim, where troublesome daughters of nobility are sent to be set back on a “righteous path”. However, that all changed when a comet crashed into the city, scattering magical fragments all over the place. Now, the Sisters have dedicated themselves to collecting these shards to prevent mankind from abusing their powers. That task, however, puts then in an opposite stance with many other factions.

Sisters Of Sigmar
The Sisters of Sigmar is an order of priestesses/warriors who have dedicated themselves to collecting the magical shards


If you choose the Sisters of Sigmar, your faction will answer to a Matriarch who possesses useful healing abilities. The rest of the members will start out as novices, but soon enough they’ll become a formidable force as they earn experience with each victory. The Sisters are most effective in close-quarter combat, especially against non-human foes.

The Sisters are most effective in close-quarter combat

US players can already experience The new Sisters of Sigmar DLC right now, but those from other parts of the world will have to wait until September 30th before they can say the same. Meanwhile, if you have not tried Mordheim: Warband Skirmish before, now would be a good time to start looking into it. The game is currently available on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.