During the past year, several games which are Mr. Bean licensed have been released. Those game has successfully brought the wacky, famous character, along with his unbelievably crazy adventures to gaming devices. However, not until recent time, was there a game that actually let players control Mr. Bean’s iconic vehicle - the green mini car. And that game is Mr. Bean - Special Delivery.

One of the four stages of the game

This is a completely new game that stars Mr. Bean and his unforgettable car. Before the release of Mr. Bean - Special Delivery, its developers - Good Catch - had also developed the other Mr. Bean licensed games such as Mr. Bean – Risky Ropes, Mr. Bean – Sandwich Stack, Mr. Bean – Flying Teddy and Mr. Bean – Around the World. They are all highly well-known and successful. Therefore, we can say that the latest one is going to be just as popular as the others without hesitation.

Just like the name (Special Delivery), your main mission is to deliver the required packages in time. Throughout the game, all players have to do is to reach the finish line at the end of each stage of the game. In order to get to the next level, you have to make sure that you finish the stages as soon as possible while avoiding dropping any packages located on the roof of the car.

Although there are only four stages in total, there are many reasons why you should keep on playing this game. First of all, you can fully customize the car with Wheels, Paints, Trails, and Toppers. You can also gain some special bonuses after you have collected all of them.

There are also power-ups in the game, which you can craft in the Boost-a-matic of Mr. Bean. You can also upgrade the car with those power-ups which improve the performance of the vehicle.

You can now download the game in any regions with App Store as well as Google Store