Fans of MMORPG, it’s time to get excited: MU Origin 2 is coming to iOS and Android devices! The game’s official Facebook page has been opened to players in the South East Asia region. Right now, those who are looking forward to playing this masterpiece mobile game can pre-register to receive exclusive gifts such as in-game currencies and mounts. There is even a chance to win a brand-new iPhone XS Max as well!

MU Origin 2 Trailer

MU Online was undoubtedly a massive hit when it first launched in 2003. It was a game that many players born in the 80s and 90s, and even 70s, remember fondly. In 2015, with authorization from Webzen, studio Tianma brought the legendary MMO to mobile under the name MU Origin. It instantly became a fever in China, Korea, and many South East Asian countries. Even now, almost 4 years after its launch, it still maintains a spot in the top charts.

Pre-registration opens now

Now, MU Origin 2, again developed by Tianma, promises to bring a polished mobile gaming experience with innovative gameplay specifically designed for the platform and high-quality 3D graphics. Earlier this year, publishers Tencent and Webzen released the game in China and Korea respectively, and it quickly achieved top rankings on Google Play and the App Store. This shows just how popular the game is in these 2 highly-competitive markets.

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All the classic characters return

MU Origin 2, with the goal of reviving the classic MU experience, brings back all the familiar characters, skills, and stories under stunning modern graphics. Players can relive the memories of the old days by choosing their favorite class exploring the fantasy world of MU with friends. Additionally, several fan-favorite features are also reproduced fairly faithfully, with some tweaks to make them work better on the touch-screen environment. Once again, you will be able to challenge the perilous dungeon of Devil Square or cut through legions of monsters in the Blood Castle to obtain some juicy reward. Moreover, the developers have also confirmed that they are working on several PvP modes.

For more information about MU Origin 2, visit the game’s official website and Facebook page.