, a battle royale for mobile

Maybe you think that battle royale games are all over the mobile market right now, but the majority of them are just ports of their PC/Console versions.  Now, real-time mobile-oriented battle royale game aims to change that. The game has been intentionally designing for a better experience on a smaller screen.

Recently, Google announced that is one of the top five Best Indie Games of 2018 in Korean Google Play Store. So, you'd better be excited about this game already!

What's new? is different from traditional battle royale games because it was built for mobile right from the get-go. The gaming point of view will be top-down so that you won't have to constantly keep an eye out for other players. They will be right there on your screen.

Munchkin Io Is A Shooting Battle Royale Made For M
The control scheme in the game

The developer also simplified the control scheme to make the game more friendly for mobile players too. You will still get virtual buttons, but not like on other battle royales. It will be much simpler, you just slide on the left to move around and use buttons on the right for attacks or skills.

A combined game

This game gets a lot of its inspiration from other titles likes, with you going around level up by collecting XP. Each time you level up, you will get to choose from a variety of active or passive skills to power up your character - the same as in RPGs. There will be also bushes for you to ambush your opponents just like in MOBA games.

Munchkin Io Is A Shooting Battle Royale Made For M
Choose your character

In, you will have many costumes and characters to unlock, each character will have a very distinct look and skill. So you could try various strategy gameplay styles in the game, for example, mighty close combat hero in one game but then switch to a mage in another game.

Munchkin Io Is A Shooting Battle Royale Made For M
Customize your character

So is the combination of everything MOBA, RPG, and battle royale - if you like this combination go grab the game now on App Store or Google Play.