Great news for fans of the long-running basketball series NBA 2K, the latest version NBA 2K20 is finally here, on mobile devices! For £5.99 (Rs 525), you can get the game to play on your Android/iOS device. Expect to see most classic modes alongside some changes added to them in this brand-new 2K installment.

NBA 2k20
NBA 2k20 is now on mobile devices!

Run the Streets

One of the most anticipated feature to arrive in NBA 2K20 is the new mode: Run the Streets Mode. In this play options, you get to bring your MyPlayer across the globe, joining streetball games of 3v3. Competing against international players, your goal is to climb the ladder and stay on top of the leaderboards.

NBA Stories is back!

Alongside the new feature, another classic one will return, and it’s the NBA Stories. To begin with, you’ll start over as a new character with a new career. The college basketball-fan will start pursuing his passion and hopefully, joining the big leagues one day. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

NBA 2K20
It's always intriguing to learn about the history of famous players.

Not stopping there, the NBA Stories explores the history of the most famous names in basketball. With the current 5 available, it will be so motivating to learn about their past and the road to success. To be honest, this is what should be featured in any sport games out there, and not just in NBA 2K20.

Improved multiplayer

At the same time, the devs improved multiplayer system, which allows much quicker matchmaking. Of course, you will be able to play with your friends via LAN or simply via Google Play Games or Game Center. In fact, you’d prefer to play against them much more, am I right?

NBA 2K20
Multiplayer system has improved a lot in NBA 2K20.

The Association

In addition to all the existing game modes, there’s The Association – a more hands-off kind of approach to the game. In this mode, you still get to play your favorite game, but interesting enough, as a GM. Outside game time, you can scout rookies, manage your finance and many other administrative-related jobs. We’re looking forward to meeting future managers in real life!

NBA 2K20
A screenshot of an ingame client: showing all the above Game Modes.

In summary

All in all, NBA 2K20 is a must-have for fans of mobile basketball games. The game comes at a mere £5.99 (Rs 525) price on both Google Play and App Store, but the awesome gaming experience is simply beyond measure!

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