The Dungeon & Fighter Carnival 2018 held on Christmas day in South Korea was not a mere event to show off new content for the current game. Nexon and Neople had taken advantage of this event to make Dungeon & Fighter Mobile public.

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Dungeon & Fighters 2D announced in Korea

This new version will adopt 2D graphics, a sign that shows the company has learned the lessons from the 3D Dungeon & Fighters: Spirits, which was finally shut down.

The crew that is responsible for Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is called Neople Action Studio and whether this is a brand new team or just a team from Neople is still a mystery. Leading this project is the same leader that has been in charge of creating the PC version.

Neople Action Studio was set up in July 2017 with 150 employees on board, which means the team has been working on the project for 18 months straight.

The mobile version is not just an adaptation of the PC one though. According to the local media, it was built based on 60 levels of the PC’s. However, there are new features to expect, including new events and storylines. One thing remains the same is the worldview.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is planned to be launched in China next year after the South Korean's distribution. In fact, Tencent has held a few test phrases in China for the game already.

The mobile version is not the only project Neople Action Studio is working on at the moment. Another one is Project BBQ. Rumor has it that this is a Dungeon & Fighter’s sequel.

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Project BBQ

All we know for now is that Project BBQ will feature some characteristic parts of Dungeon & Fighter. One of these elements is classes of characters.  The team also said that their main focus was on making an awesome 3D action game, not on a particular style.