Ys Altago is coming to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau

Ys Altago is a new smartphone game that based on the PSP Action RPG Ys Seven. Recently, the game’s publisher has just made an announcement for its distribution. According to Falcom, the Taiwanese online game development and management company UserJoy Technology will be publishing the game. For that, the game is coming to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Apart from those countries mentioned, no other announcements for the game release were seen, including Japan. Moreover, there has also been a set event for the game’s pre-registration. In fact, the events begin today, on November 12th.

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The renowned red-hair adventurer, Adol Christin

What to expect in the game?

In order to give you a little brief about Ys Altago, the overview of the game is as below:

First of all, Ys Altago originated from Ys Seven, an action RPG whose release was in 2009. Being is a new action RPG for smartphones, Ys Altago set in the Kingdom of Altago. After entering the land of Altago, the game will introduce you to its extremely distinctive atmosphere. Within Ys Altago, you get to witness the largest beasts and to experience the speediest combats ever. Speaking of battles, players will be using skill-based attacks with the addition of online multiplayer elements. Therefore, the game allows players to call upon their friends as well as form up their parties. As a result, players can together attempt to challenge the most powerful bosses in the land of Altago.

And his trusty partner on the adventures, Dogi

Are we seeing some familiar faces?

Maintaining the legacy of Ys Seven, we will be seeing many characters from the older game in Ys Altago. Stay tuned and watch out for Dogi, Adol, Princess Aisha, Mustafa, Geis, and Elk. Why? Because all of them will appear throughout the game.