Taiwanese game developer Auer Media and Entertainment is releasing another brand new Dawn Break game for mobile devices. Titled Dawn Break -Ice and Fire-, this new game is currently open for pre-registration phase on Android.

Dawn Break -Ice and Fire- Gameplay Teaser

Dawn Break -Ice and Fire- is regarded as the 3rd Dawn Break title, even though the series has already seen 3 games prior to this one: The Flaming Emperor, Origins, and Night Witch. Of these three, The Flaming Emperor was an online game, whereas Origins and Night Witch were offline. Thus, we can assume that when the developers meant Dawn Break -Ice and Fire- is the third offline game of this ARPG series.

This latest addition will feature a brand new story in the Dawn Break universe. Not much else is known about the story, apart from the fact that it involves a scheming empire and some new characters. Similar to other offline Dawn Break games, the number of playable characters in -Ice and Fire- is relatively limited. Players will only be able to control 3 characters: Agate the Flame Warlock, Feilin the Ice Crystal Angel, and Hilde the Silver Phantom. As their titles suggest, each of these three characters has a strong affiliation to a specific element.

In term of gameplay, Dawn Break -Ice and Fire- is an ARPG with non-stop action, in which players will have to fight through levels after levels full of monsters. Overall, there are over 100 levels of various difficulties and challenges. The controls are pretty standard for a mobile action game: The movements of the character are controlled by a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, while on the right are several buttons for attacking and using abilities. There are two main buttons, one for light attacks, and the other for heavy attacks. You can combine them in different sequences to unleash various combos as well. Furthermore, as you hack and slash through legions of demons, your character will build up energy for a devastating ultimate ability. This is a game worth checking out if you are a fan of the ARPG genre.

Currently, the developers have not announced a specific release date. However, pre-register is now available on Google Play.