According to a Twitter post published yesterday by the renowned game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad aka ZhugeEx, Warner Bros. is teaming up with Netflix to make a new card-based RPG based on the Harry Potter franchise for the mobile platform. Titled Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, the game is already up for pre-registration in China, and it’ll be published under Warner Bros.' 'Portkey Games' brand.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Announcement
News of the game was first reported by Daniel Ahmad (ZhugeEx) via Twitter


Not a lot of pictures or gameplay footage about this new game are available at the moment, but according to its official website, its story will be set a couple of years after the Second Wizarding World War. Playing as a young pupil who has just received a letter of acceptance from Hogwarts, you’ll set out to attend the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and begin your own extraordinary adventure into this magical world.

Harry Potter Magic Awenkened 2
You'll become a new Hogwarts student and set out to begin your own adventure

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is said to be the combination of Warner Bros’ content creation expertise and NetEase's first-class operation capabilities. The two companies have allegedly worked closely together in all aspects of the game – from the core concept and art design to the storyline – in order to recreate J.K. Rowling’s wizarding universe as faithfully as possible.

From what a representative from NetEase said, Magic Awakened will bring back all the characters, magic beasts, and spells that fans know and love, and everything will be presented in a “unique visual image." As you progress through the game, you’ll get to make new friends and learn to cast new spells, and together, you’ll use your newly-discovered magical talents to create inventive spell combinations and strategies.

Harry Potter Magic Awenkened
Many familiar characters will be present

As mentioned, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is currently available for pre-registration on both Google Play and the App Store in China, though no specific date is specified so far. There is no information on whether it’ll come to other countries as of yet either.