For the mobile gaming industry, 2018 was all about Battle Royale, but so far it seems like this year is going to be the year of MMORPGs. Just two weeks into 2019, we have already witnessed the announcement of several promising titles of this genre such as Rangers of Oblivion or Talion. Now, Nexon M has also revealed that it is going to release its own brand new MMORPG for mobile titled AxE: Alliance vs Empire later this year.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire Announcement Trailer

According to the developer, AxE: Alliance vs Empire is not merely a port of an existing PC or console title, but has been designed from the ground up for the mobile platform. Made using Unity 5 Vulkan technology, the game promises HD graphics and a console-quality MMO experience.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire is set in an immersive and ever-changing open-world, featuring an epic fantasy story of the war between two factions: the Galanos Alliance and the Darkhaan Empire. Players will be able to create their own character, and there are tons of options for customization. There are six unique classes to choose from, as well as a large collection of weapons, armor, and abilities. This opens up room for players to tailor the characters however they wish to fit their play style.

Axe Alliance Vs Empire Screenshot 2

In the single-player campaign, AxE has many beautiful locations to explore, several unique characters to interact with and numerous enemies to overcome. Completing quests and objectives yield new powerful gear which players can equip to power up their characters.

When it comes to multiplayer, there is a faction war mode in which up to 150 people can join one of the two sides to fight for dominion over the other, as well as a more tactical 4-versus-4 mode. Meanwhile, those that don’t like PvP can team up to challenge powerful bosses.

Axe Alliance Vs Empire Screenshot 4

Pre-registration for AxE: Alliance vs Empire is now open in certain regions, and it is expected to launch globally later this year on both Android and iOS.